HealthAndYoga(TM) Superior Enema Bag Kit - 2 Quart Fountain (Open) top – High Quality Silicone Hose and Fittings (Purple)

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Brand: SoulGenie

Color: Purple


  • Natural and Eco friendly - Thick durable rubber latex - Open Fountain top exclusively for Enemas
  • Superior Suspension - Robust Metal hook to ensure no slippages during the enema
  • Long Life - Easy to Clean and Maintain; BPA free fittings ensure no harmful toxins are leeched
  • Instruction Manual with advice and precautions
  • High quality accessories - Silicone hose, nozzles, clamp and a flexible colon tip for deep cleanse

Binding: Health and Beauty

Publisher: SoulGenie

Details: This 2 quart enema bag hangs upright unlike hot water bottle systems that have to be inverted for a enema. This ensures no leakages and does away with needless adapters. This enema kit comes complete with all accessories tubings, nozzles and most importantly an Instruction manual that guides you during the process of enemas....... SPECIAL feature is a metal hook instead of the lightweight plastic hooks; the last thing you want is the hook giving way resulting in a mess all around. Enema Bags are compact and can be stored easily; suitable for travelling needs too. Effective colon cleansing at a reasonable price for better health. HealthAndYoga Instruction Manual - Guiding you step by step through the whole process of Enema

Package Dimensions: 12.3 x 9.6 x 2.4 inches